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If you have a Bible question, please fill out the form below. Remember that the time it takes to reply to you depends on the volume of other email questions we receive with yours. Generally, a week or two is needed to process and answer each email (of course, the more technical questions take longer). If you do not hear from us within two weeks, please send us a reminder via email. Thanks!

DISCLAIMER: I do encourage healthy discussion about Bible doctrine. Thus, I welcome your Bible questions. However, I have no desire whatsoever to abandon the King James Bible rightly divided. If your purpose in emailing me is to argue/debate, complain about, or criticize the doctrines of grace committed to the Apostle Paul and the authority of the King James Bible, please save yourself the time by not writing to me.  I *never* reply to such emails, as these two doctrinal points are *nonnegotiable.* Please do not waste your time trying to convert me to modern English Bible translations and please do not waste your time trying to convert me to your denominational system. I have absolutely no interest in adopting either. Thank you for understanding. -in Christ, Shawn Brasseaux

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