What is Acts 9/28 Hybrid Theology?


by Shawn Brasseaux

In recent months, especially within the last several weeks, I have received numerous emails involving a certain type of so-called “grace teaching.” According to these contacts, the proponents of this system do indeed promote Paul’s special ministry. Yet, they attach certain odd doctrines to the Pauline dispensational paradigm. Examples of these “strange and confusing” doctrines were provided. This teaching has become rampant on social media (particularly Facebook and YouTube). For simplicity’s sake, I call it the “Acts 9/28 hybrid system.” This is the term I will use throughout this study to describe the system.

Exactly what is this system? Should we embrace it, or should we avoid it entirely? As always, we do not take anyone’s word for it. We should always look at the Scriptures before we blindly accept any theological position, even if it claims to be “grace” teaching. It does not matter what any grace preacher says, or any grace teacher says—that includes me especially! Beloved, if the King James Bible rightly divided does not support it, forget it, no matter who teaches it!

In celebration of our 200th Bible Q&A article, by special request, we release this massive ministry project! Rejoice with us in Jesus Christ!

A Refutation of Acts 9/28 Hybrid Theology (five, one-hour Bible study videos)

A Refutation of Acts 9/28 Hybrid Theology (original 60-page full-length article)

A Refutation of Acts 9/28 Hybrid Theology (special 25-page condensed article)

Dispensational Timelines Compared (Diagrams) – Acts 9, Acts 28, & Acts 9/28 Hybrid

6 responses to “What is Acts 9/28 Hybrid Theology?

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  3. None of the links to hybrid Acts 9/28 theology work.

    • Gerald, I just checked those links. They all worked for me. Perhaps you need to try again: WordPress has been working slow for me these last several days. No one has else has reported any issues with these links though, meaning the problem must be on your end. Hope you can access them eventually.

  4. mark christopher wells

    I really enjoy your teachings Shawn
    God bless you and your loved ones

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