Is there any chance more angels will leave God and follow Satan?


by Shawn Brasseaux

No. Nothing in Scripture indicates more angels will rebel against the Creator. It would seem that any angelic rebellion against God has already transpired and will not be repeated. Angels had a one-time chance to follow Lucifer or stay true to God, and that decision was made long ago. The angels that united with Lucifer (when he transformed into Satan) can never return to serve God, and the angels that remained with God will always be faithful to God. That is the simplest explanation.

What stopped that angelic insurrection? In other words, why did not all the angels fall with Satan? Why was there not 100 percent mutiny? Matthew 25:41 appears to answer that question. God created Hell, a place of “everlasting fire,” but never intended it for man. It was “prepared for the devil and his angels.” (Notice the absence of Hell in Genesis 1:1—it was simply Heaven and Earth. Hell was created later, once the angels sinned with Lucifer.) While the angelic ranks were in the process of allying with Satan, God created Hell, which stopped further fallout. Hell is such a dreadful place that, once the angels saw God constructing it, they did not side with Satan. It was too late for the ones that already moved to Satan’s side but the ones on God’s side stayed on God’s side. When man sinned against God in Genesis chapter 3, aligning himself with Satan, he too became an “heir” of Hell. Hell is the prison where all God’s enemies are kept until they are thrown into the Lake of Fire after being judged (Revelation 20:11-15).

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